If you haven’t moved over to an agile retainer already, you’re missing out on a simpler, more efficient experience for you and your customers. Agile retainers are based on delivering the most valuable items in shorter, more incremental sprints.

Fixed deliverable retainers don’t give you as much freedom as agile retainers. In fact, we believe fixed deliverable retainers should be a thing of the past.

With the marketing industry constantly evolving, companies have to constantly update their strategies to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. A marketing campaign should never have a rigid approach, with views and methods that are set in stone.

How an agile approach improves customer experience

Agile gives you room to experiment. Teams can focus on high value projects – and can easily measure and analyse their impact once completed. The results are then used to incrementally improve the strategy by eliminating the parts that had little impact and focusing on those that had a positive impact. The agile approach will lead to higher satisfaction among customers and your team. With agile, your clients can see results quicker based on high impact items and improve on them constantly. By focusing on customer experience in your retainer, you can continually improve and evolve your clients’ strategies in order to deliver better results over each sprint.

We firmly believe that a marketing campaign should never be inflexible. By using an agile approach we are able to rapidly experiment with marketing ideas, technology, software and tools to discover which strategies work best for your company. Once we analyse the resulting data, we can then adjust your marketing strategy to continually improve and increase your results. By being able to test different marketing methodologies, you can discover what works best for your clients – and in a shorter amount of time. This dynamic shift will give you the freedom to implement marketing strategies that will provide value to your clients and improve the customer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about developing an agile mindset and increase the customer experience of your clients, then get in touch.


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