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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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In this blog post, Senior HubSpot Specialist, Babette Beyers, discusses HubSpot’s Integration with Accounting Software, Xero, and the different ways you can integrate this with HubSpot.

A question I often hear when speaking with prospects is: Can HubSpot actually integrate with Xero?

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The very short and sweet answer is: Yes, HubSpot can integrate with Xero. However, there are multiple different avenues that you can take when integrating HubSpot with Xero, which I'll run through below. 

Xero Basic Integration

Xero created their own integration, which you can find here in the HubSpot app marketplace.

This integration helps ensure your contacts are kept in sync and is quite a simple integration, which only syncs data between the actual contact object.

This means, once this initial integration has completed, any change to your contacts in Xero will be reflected in HubSpot CRM automatically.

Advanced Integration

You also have multiple different platforms that will allow for you to sync information between both HubSpot and Xero.

The two main players are PieSync and Zapier and there's also quite a few others which will allow for you to build an integration.

Before assessing which platform you want to use in order to integrate the two, we always recommend to ask yourself:

  • What are your goals?

  • What are you trying to achieve?

These questions should break down exactly what type of integration you need.

Xero Custom Integration

At Huble Digital, we've previously built custom integrations between Xero and HubSpot which aligned to exactly what the client needed.

An example of this is a custom integration we created for a client which synced to Xero whenever a deal moved to a specific deal pipeline, such as invoice required. It would create the invoice and once that invoice was created, it then synced back into HubSpot.

This example is more of a powerful integration which allowed for us to actually provide a lot of value in automation for the client and can be interchanged depending on a clients needs.

To check out our Integration services, you can see our dedicated page here.

To summarise…

In summary, not everybody needs a custom integration, so you do always have the solution of being able to use the Xero integration that they built themselves (which again, you can find in the HubSpot app marketplace).

However, if you are after a more advanced integration, we recommend you investigate both PieSync and Zapier, depending on what your answers are to the above questions. 

We hope this blog was helpful and for any further advice on how to integrate Xero with HubSpot, or for guidance on the best solution for your specific needs, Huble Digital are always on hand to help. You can book a meeting with one of our team here.

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