The marketing landscape is in flux. In an industry that’s accelerating towards all-out automation, marketers are having to adopt an ‘adapt or die’ attitude to keep up with the changing trends and innumerable MarTech innovations. But besides a willingness to evolve, what else can we do to prepare for this brave new marketing world?

We’re glad you asked. With roles and responsibilities shifting or dissolving in the blink of an eye, we believe it’s time to embrace the era of in-house. Highlights include:

The way things were

Before siloes were being broken down, an organisation’s marketing infrastructure was compartmentalised, with data intelligence confined to separate channels and sharing kept to a minimum. This chapter details the roles and responsibilities of the past and how the rise of digital has enforced rapid integration.

Data is gold and artificial intelligence is here to mine it

No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI and machine learning are now integral parts of a marketer’s stack. From targeting users across multiple channels to processing vast amounts of data in the blink of an eye, AI technology is a dream come true for the industry. It’s also transformed tech-savvy marketers into the ‘new cool’.

MarTech is optimising the marketing landscape

With projections forecasting a 27% increase in marketing technology spend by 2022, it can’t be argued: MarTech is a game changer and will continue to shatter marketing moulds for some time yet. It’s also ushered in an age of consolidation, where all-in-one tools like HubSpot boast the functionality to handle almost any aspect of your marketing strategy.

The way things are

The internal team of today takes a more holistic approach to marketing, where integration is key to harnessing the power of customer data across all channels. But while the spectrum of intuitive tools is seemingly endless, it’s impossible for one marketing team to have all of the answers. Nowadays, agencies or gig economy professionals are stepping in to offer support in the areas where automation fails, or when an A-player is out of action.

Marketing made stronger. Together.

No marketing team is an island, and Huble Digital is here to help.

From perfecting and implementing your MarTech to sparks of creativity that will fire up your content, Huble Digital has the strategic know-how to help your marketing team thrive in the age of Bots, AI and MarTech.

Chat to our experts to see how we can help you ensure you have the right team in place in ever-changing marketing world.

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