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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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In this blog post, Lorenzo Labia, Paid Media Specialist at Huble Digital, takes you through what dynamic creative is, why it matters, how to set it up, what results it can offer, as well as its key limitations. 

Are low click through rates, high cost per clicks, or poor general ad performance getting you down? Well as part of the paid media specialist team at Huble Digital, I’m always looking for ways to improve these results for our clients. That’s why I’m so excited about dynamic creative — it’s a great way to drive better ad results on Facebook.

What Is Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic creative is a great way marketers can utilise machine learning, reduce ad fatigue, and deliver the best ad experience to prospects. It’s a Facebook-developed tool that accepts the basic components of a Facebook ad, and uses them to generate optimised ad combinations. 

Why It Matters

Dynamic creative makes your ads more impactful and efficient. It leverages machine learning to automatically deliver high-performing combinations of creative assets to your target audience. The importance of A/B testing in ad campaigns has become increasingly evident, and ad fatigue has become an issue we can no longer ignore, especially with remarketing campaigns. Remarketing is where we target users who have already engaged or interacted with our brand, for example someone who has visited our website.

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We’ve all experienced seeing the same ad again and again, causing us to lose interest or even get annoyed with brands. With dynamic creative, you can offer prospects multiple variations of ad copy and image combinations to minimise this friction. An example of this will be that visitors will now be given a customised ad experience, specific combinations of these various image and text combinations will be shown according to how users interact with ads and what combination is found to be successful by the Facebook algorithm. 

When you combine dynamic creative with campaign budget optimisation, you’re left with a powerful duo in your marketing pocket (stay tuned for more on this in a future blog post!). See some of our paid media success stories here

How To Set Up Dynamic Creative In Under 30 Minutes

To set up dynamic creative you’ll need to:

  1. Create an entirely new campaign or set up a new ad set in an existing campaign. If setting up a new campaign, follow the  usual steps, such as selecting campaign objectives. 


  2. When you reach the point of the conversion tile, you’ll find the dynamic creative option just underneath — make sure you enable it. 


  3. Then carry on with set up as you normally would! 

When you reach the ad creation stage, you’ll have the option to add multiple text. images, headline and CTA variations. You can add up to 5 of each, and I highly recommend you do so. Also, make sure your images and text variations all make sense with each other, or you could be left with some funny results!

What about the results?

We’ve had many highly successful campaigns using dynamic creative in combination with other Facebook tools at Huble Digital, but you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Facebook partner, ROI Hunter noticed some fantastic results for a client of theirs, including: 

  • 70,000 clicks
  • CTR up from 0.47% to 2.17%
  • CPC down from €0.13 to €0.07
  • Newsletter subscription increased by 461% 

All after only 3 days

Are there limitations?

It’s true, dynamic creative does have its drawbacks. For instance, you’re limited to one ad per ad set, so you’ll need to duplicate an adset to have a second ad variation or URL. 

Dynamic creative also doesn’t work for ads in multiple languages, or asset customisation. It may also be limited by some objectives, such as engagement. 

Finally, given that all copy variations need to make sense when mixed and matched with each other, if you’re set on a specific image matching with a specific line of copy, you may need to go the more traditional creative route. 

Leverage the strengths and transcend the challenges, with an agency partner

Dynamic creative is a new and powerful tool to add to your marketing strategy. Sometimes, though, you may need expert help to push it as far as it can go, and to ensure you're getting maximum value  from your campaign. If that’s the case, reach out to the team at Huble Digital. Contact us for paid media and SEO solutions that can help you build a resilient business core.

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